July 2024
July 2024

What to bring

This is not an all-inclusive list. We could list many more things than we have below – here’s some key items we love having with us.

** We think these items will really keep you comfortable all-weekend long!

  • Waterproofs. You just never know. Be prepared with wellies or walkers. 
  • Spare clothes for the family, but more so for the wee ones. Wet dirty clothes do not dry easily in a tent, preparation is key.
  • **A trolley, cart, buggy of sorts. Trolleys and carts are designed for fields and so we’d highly recommend these – something to cart your kit from car to camp, kids from tent to tent or when there is nowhere for the baba to sit and have a picnic – pop them in the camping cart.
  • A picnic blanket, rug (sounds like a nice thing to have doesn’t it).
  • **Sunglasses, sun hat, sun-cream.
  • **Camping Chairs – it’s a long time to be on your feet and if you’ve a camping chair you can pull it out and land yourself wherever you fancy. 
  • Dressing up – your costume! Glitter, fun, sass. 
  • **Day rucksack
  • Snacks, not the scoobie variety.
  • Cash – bars accept cash and cards. There will be some shops that only accept cash.
  • A tin opener. The most forgotten camping utensil?
  • Pillows. Is it just me that always forgets the pillow?
  • Camping stove – for that morning cuppa when you don’t want the world to see your face yet.  Don’t forget the gas. Pasta – always good too. 
  • Torch. So much fun, also very handy.
  • Bin Bag(s)
  • Ear Plugs – there is always a snorer in the next tent! 
  • Good moisturiser
  • **Ear defenders for the kids 
  • Solar charging pack – there will not be charging facilities

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